In the heart of the Périgord-Noir/Dordogne, where the rivers Beune and Vézère come together, you?ll find the small village of Les Eyzies de Tayac-Sireuil. The village calls itself “the capital of Prehistory’ as there are great prehistoric caves to be found in and around the village. The village is visited annually by many tourists that come to see the interesting caves, the Musée National de Préhistoire and the Pôle Internationale de la Préhistoire (PIP) in Les Eyzies. A very nice cave in Les Eyzies for example is Font de Gaume, with rock paintings from around 15.000 BC. (during the summer you?ll have to make reservations in advance). For more caves in the area, see the site see Caves in the Dordogne.
Les Eyzies is a lively town with restaurants offering different price ranges, a small supermarket, a butcher, several bakeries, a post office, etc. On Mondays, Les Eyzies has a local market where you may purchase things like sausages, walnut cake, wine and other regional delicacies. For your main shopping you can go to Le Bugue (4 supermarkets ) of in St Cyprien. Both places are about 15 minutes by car and have their own market days: on Tuesday mornings there is a market in Le Bugue and on Sunday mornings in St. Cyprien.
A very nice medieval town to visit is Sarlat (also see this site) that is situated approx. 20 km. from Les Eyzies.
Here are some note worthy restaurants in the area: ‘La Métairie’ (very good restaurant and excellent value for money, on the road to Sarlat), Brasserie Café de la Mairie (simple restaurant in Les Eyzies), Hostellerie du Passeur (good restaurant,in Les Eyzies), Mentalo (pizzeria, in Les Eyzies), etc. etc.
And are you interested in Napoléon? Then visit the Napoléon museum, owned by Le Comte Baudouin-Napoléon de Witt.
As a remnant of the 100-year war (1337-1453) there are many castles to be found in the area, many of which can be visited. A very attractive castle to see is the former castle home of Joséphine Baker. Here you will find the website of Des Milandes where you can view an exhibition about the fascinating life of this black, originally American dancer.
And there is so much more to tell about this beautiful region! A search on the Internet, as a preparation for your holiday, will undoubtedly reveal much more of the beauty and interest of this region.